Beating the Cold Weather

Have you ever thought about what damage a frozen pipe or broken washing machine hose can do in your house?? It’s not pretty I can tell you that. An average Homeowners claim for a broken pipe or broken hose is almost $20,000! Don’t let that happen to you and your family…freezing pipes can be prevented by a few preventative steps. Here are my favorite ones and they are all easy!!!

1) Keep your heat up to at least 60 degrees, especially if you are going to be out of town for a few days.
2) If you don’t want to run the heater, then keep all the doors open to the cabinets that have plumbing inside…or
3) Keep a tiny amount of water running thru the pipes, even if it’s cold water, and this too will prevent freezing of your pipes.

These are easy fixes for a huge problem and HIA highly recommends them. Claims affect all of us, and none of us need the huge hassle of a large water loss in our lives.

And finally, think about replacing those rubber hoses most people use to hook up their clothes washer! Those hoses are under a tremendous amount of water pressure, and if they break, it’s a HUGE mess for you to deal with! Think about upgrading those old rubber hoses to a METAL BRAIDED HOSE…they handle tons more pressure, and the peace of mind is outstanding. Plus you can find these hoses at your favorite hardware store and they are MANY dollars less than your deductible….usually under $40.00. You won’t be sorry you took this suggestion!

Above all, THANK YOU for your business!