Is Poor Credit Affecting Your Insurance Rates?

We hope you are as ready for Spring as the hard working staff of HIA is! Let’s talk about a couple of issues that are prevalent in the Insurance industry right now. Some of these topics are confusing so if you have any questions on how these topics pertain to you and your family, I invite you to email me or call me at the office. First, let’s talk dreaded CREDIT. Yes it’s true in today’s insurance world, that your personal credit score comes into play when you buy insurance, whether it’s your Home insurance or just your Car insurance. Having the best credit score reduces your insurance premiums….it’s just that simple. Second…in the newspapers every day you read how many Nevadan’s are losing their homes; just a horrible trend and one of the saddest events to hit a family. We can help you with that! We can help you cancel any insurance policy that isn’t needed anymore, and at the same time, counsel you on the question….”I’ve lost my house, now what do I do about my insurance?” You still have financial obligations; let us help you analyze the best way to insure against more bad luck. Third…..remember one of the last blogs where we spoke of the damage a broken wash machine hose can do to your home?? A client of mine responded to that blog and went one step further in helping us spot a way to prevent claims…..Never leave your home with your dishwasher running! This client fortunately was insured against the resulting damage but it wasn’t pretty. VERY time consuming to repair and deal with a water claim.

Fishing at Pyramid is still frustrating so I will hold that fishing report for next month’s blog. Check back then…

And finally….it’s time for you hunters to apply for your Nevada Big Game tags, so don’t delay, figure out the dates and where you want to hunt and get your tag applied for.

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