Insurance for a Traveling Household

Happy Spring everyone! This month’s blog is going to focus purely on some insurance issues. Fishing at Pyramid Lake has been somewhat disappointing so let’s get back to basics, and in my life, that’s the insurance business! For your thoughts, here are a few short timely insurance related items I think you will find pertinent….
Roadside assistance helps give you true piece of mind if your life includes an automobile! Most Companies offer this type of coverage that includes towing, flat tire change, battery jump start, emergency fuel and fluid delivery as well as locksmith service. It’s incredible how much this coverage DOESN’T cost!!! If you are interested, please call the professionals at Heuer Insurance Agency.
How about traveling with your pets??? Did you know some of the highest rated insurance companies in the world offer PET insurance if your pet is injured in an automobile accident??? Traveling with pets can be a blast, but it also adds a whole other dimension to the word travel… sure your pet is welcome at your destination, and make sure your pets ID tag is up to date and includes your cell phone number. On the road, have your pet ride securely in a crate or wear a harness, and don’t let your dog ride with its head out the window….I don’t need to describe how ugly that accident would look do I??
Like reading our monthly insurance blog?? Want to see something different or something of interest to you?? I would love to hear from you if so, maybe we can co-author a blog….and before we leave this month, the entire team of professionals at Heuer Insurance wish you a happy Spring and a safe Summer. Let us know if we can help you accomplish those goals. Thank you for your business!

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