Are Your Pets Insured??? Is Your Life Insured???

Summer is well under way, and that means family vacations, barbeques, time on the lake with friends and family, and a whole host of other outdoor events and activities. If you are like my family, family vacations mean spending time with our pets, and how to best deal with them while we are trying to enjoy that vacation. The American Veterinary Medical Association reminds us that planning and preparation are important when traveling with family pets. For car travel, consider whether or not your pets is comfortable in the vehicle before committing to a long road trip. A car sick pet is a sure fire way not to enjoy a long awaited vacation. If you are planning on staying in a motel, check in advance whether or not the motel or hotel or park is “pet friendly” and what exactly does that mean?? Does it really cater to pets, or are they just advertising that to get you in the door? Place a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on your door before you leave and make sure the housekeeping department knows there is a pet inside. Vacations can be a blast, just make sure you are properly prepared for what you have in store for the family, and your pets.

We talked about how to take care of your pets….but what about your LIFE INSURANCE??? Are your pets provided for, or more important, is your family prepared for an untimely death and the financial consequences surrounding the event??? For most of us, the answer is probably NOT! Heuer Insurance can help you with that….for a very small annual premium! Are you satisfied with the service your current Life insurance agent is providing you??? If not, call your agent at Heuer Insurance today!

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