Classic Car Insurance

Welcome to the beginning of the Fall season! The Reno/Sparks area was fortunate enough to enjoy one of the nicest summers any of us locals can remember in a long time, so here is hoping we get a long Indian Summer!

I hope you took the opportunity to enjoy the world famous Hot August Nights in Reno last month, I know literally hundreds of our clients did. We saw a large increase in requests to insure Classic Cars and Hot Rods over the last 6 weeks, so you can tell Nevada still loves rock and roll and celebrating the 60’s. Keep in mind throughout the year, that we have several markets for your classic cars and boats. We handle insurance bid requests from all over the Country, so I know we can handle yours too! What kind of classic do you have? I am the proud owner of a 56 Chev ½ ton pick up, and would love to share stories, insight, advice or fun times you and your family had during Hot August Nights! I hear there was some movement in the back log of registrations, so if you are interested, contact HAN (, then call my office to insure your classic! What could be better than talking cars, gear and cruising in Reno and Sparks Nevada?? And don’t forget to insure that Hot Rod or boat BEFORE you hit the streets…..