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Hello again and thanks for clicking on this month’s
blog!  Last month we spoke about Pet insurance and your life insurance.
We had MANY of our clients call us to discuss both of these important issues,
and they were glad they did!  Call us and we can help you too!

This month, I want to address our many business clients
about a type of coverage that you may not be aware of, and in this business, if
you and I aren’t aware of a situation, it usually means a coverage gap!

Drive Other Car Coverage…what is it and why do you need it?

Many business owners have all their vehicles covered as a
business auto and do not have a personal auto policy.  While this may save
you some money on the premium, and help you with taxes, but on the other hand
it can open up some unforeseen gaps in your insurance.


DOC coverage is applicable to employees or executives of a
company who is granted a company car, but have no personal auto policy.
DOC coverage gives protection while the named insured, is driving a
borrowed car from a third party, (other than the vehicle named in the policy),
and becomes liable for an accident.  Individuals that are owners of the
company qualify for the “individual named insured” endorsement, which includes
family coverage, for a very small additional premium charge!


Here’s an example:


Your 8 year old daughter gets into your neighbors car and
turns on the ignition and causes an accident.  Since she isn’t a permitted
driver on the neighbors policy, there is no coverage….and since there is no
personal auto policy, there is no coverage on your auto policy.  If she is
wearing a SF GIANTS jersey at the time, she might be OK if the neighbor isn’t a
Dodger fan, but other than that you need DOC coverage!


If you own a business, or are granted a company car, you
really should call my office and talk to someone in my Commercial Lines


Thanks for listening and good luck!




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