Property Insurance at School

Hello to our clients and readers, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate your checking in with us. With school now in session, we are frequently asked if kids property is covered while they are away at school. The answer is almost always yes, with a few limitations. Let’s assume Johnny or Suzy moves into a dorm at the University and takes with them $5000 personal property. Most insurance policies provide the same coverage to that school age child as they do on Mom and Dads homeowners’ policy. Technically speaking the child has 10% of the Coverage C, personal property, that the parents have on their policy, assuming they have a homeowners policy. The son or daughter also shares the liability insurance that is provided under the parent home policy in the same limit of coverage. This is only a basic explanation of how the extended liability and property coverage work on most homeowner insurance policies, but if this situation sounds like your family, I highly invite you to call one of my agents at Heuer Insurance Agency to discuss your concern in more detail. An educated client is an informed and happy client, so please call upon us to answer any and all of your insurance questions. As always, we appreciate your business and your loyalty. Good luck and may all their grades be “A’s”……

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