How to inventory after a loss…

Welcome back. Ever wonder how you would provide proof to your insurance company that you really did have all the personal property items that you claimed to have before a total loss?? Can you imagine the stress involved with trying to prove all those items?? Let me give you a long time piece of advice….first of all, if you have any collectibles, or high valued articles like guns, jewelry, fine arts etc, you should call your agent at Heuer Insurance Agency. Second, either buy a disposable camera, or in today’s world and technology most of us have smart phones that can act like a camera, or even use a video camera, but either way, it is a fantastic idea BEFORE a loss, to photograph the inside of your house! In the perfect world you would have a complete inventory, and keep receipts off premises, but for most of us, that means a difficult task and one that is easily put off till too late! Instead of that hassle, HIA suggests you stand in the middle of room, and take pictures of all 4 sides of the room. Do this for each and every room, and in the perfect world, keep that film, or camera, or pictures off premises, like a safety deposit box. That way if you ever have to sit with an adjuster and describe what you have lost, you don’t have to worry that you might not have the documentation needed to prove the loss! It’s simple, cheap and thorough. This is the easiest way to substantiate what you had in your house and believe me, you will be VERY happy you took the time to do this. Call one of my highly trained, very respected licensed insurance agents to discuss your needs and concerns. This is one of those things that it’s never too late to start, so get started today! Good luck and thanks for your business……
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