Happy New Year From HIA!

Welcome back to the Heuer Insurance Blog.  By now I
hope you are well fed, received all the gifts you wanted, have few or none to
return, and look forward to a new year as much as we
are!    The holidays were great, seeing family was fabulous, and
most of us survived the holiday season no worse for the wear, but now it’s time
to get back to normal, and the purpose of this month’s blog is on how to
protect yourself from an untimely lawsuit and its consequences. Read more


Happy Holidays From Heuer Insurance!

Merry Christmas to the finest customers in the world!! I hope my staff NEVER forgets to say “Thank You for your business!”, and at this difficult time in Nevada’s economy, we need and value each and every one of you! I know you have options as to where to buy your insurance……so thank you for buying it from locally owned Independent Insurance agents! Read more