Happy Holidays From Heuer Insurance!

Merry Christmas to the finest customers in the world!! I hope my staff NEVER forgets to say “Thank You for your business!”, and at this difficult time in Nevada’s economy, we need and value each and every one of you! I know you have options as to where to buy your insurance……so thank you for buying it from locally owned Independent Insurance agents! By the way, have you seen all the advertising lately on TV touting TRUSTED CHOICE? We are extremely proud to be a member of TRUSTED CHOICE! Call or email me for some more information on this ad…but the independent agents are all about giving you, the buying public, CHOICES in your insurance program.
Reno just suffered its worst urban fire in the history of the City, and there are lessons to be learned from that fire, especially during the Christmas season….here are a couple of quick tips.
a) Buy good quality trees that don’t show signs of drying out yet. Have the tree yard cut the bottom of the tree up by about 3 inches to give it a good fresh place to drink water. Daily watering is the very best way to keep a tree safe during the long holiday season. I have a hilarious story of an invention I once tried that had to do with a beer bong and watering a tree. Nuff said unless you really want the funny details…
b) Be careful while you are Christmas shopping. Parking lots can be iced over presenting a trip and fall exposure, bad guys can be hanging out in the parking lot waiting for you to stash some gifts before going back in the store. Make sure you park in a well lit area, and try your best not to leave unattended presents or property in your car, even if its locked up.
c) Use extra caution when using credit cards online or even while sweeping at an ATM! This may be the holiday season, but the bad guys out number Santa and his elves by 10-1 so be careful out there! WE need you!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from your friends and agents at Heuer Insurance Agency. And above all, God Bless the USA and the Men and Women in its fighting forces…Freedom isn’t free, and we wouldn’t be free without them. Remember them during these tough times……

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