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This month’s blog is all about winter vehicle emergency kits and how easy they are to construct and have on hand. Nevada hasn’t seen its fair share of snow this year, but we all know, that just means that its right around the corner, and when it does hit, it’s going to hit with a vengeance, so prepare now!

Assembling a winter vehicle emergency kit is not as difficult as you may think. You can also find a preassembled kit as most local hardware stores and auto part stores. Building your own is as simple as gathering as many of the following supplies as you can, and keep them in a box in the trunk of your car.

Basic Kit
1) Flashlight and extra batteries
2) Battery powered radio
3) First aid kit
4) Blankets, gloves and hats
5) Water and snacks
6) Shovel
7) Windshield de-icer
8 ) Jumper cables and road flares
9) Tow strap or chain

If you had room, you could even go a little further in your preparedness and add a few advanced items….

10) tire chains
11) kitty litter for traction on ice
12) sleeping bag and goggles
13) compass and emergency whistle
14) waterproof matches and a camp stove

The list can be endless, but depending on where you live, or what your travel plans are, you can custom make whatever would fit your family and your vehicle best. Trust me…if you find yourself needing any ONE of these things, you will be glad you had it and you will wish you had put more supplies in the car.

Good luck, stay safe, and call us at HIA if you have any other suggestions that we can pass on…..thanks for your business, we definitely do appreciate you guys….

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