Heuer Insurance Referral Program, Enter to WIN a $200 Gift Card

Well it looks like Winter has FINALLY arrived in the Northern Nevada area! That snow we seeing flying out there is welcome indeed, as our whole area needs the water storage if we are to have green lawns and enough water in the lakes for fishing and boating.

I would like to announce in this email, the Heuer Insurance Referral Program. ANYTIME you refer one of your friends, family members or neighbors to our office for a quote, your name will be entered into our quarterly drawing for a $200 Visa Gift Card, compliments of your hard working insurance agents at HIA! Enter as often as you like!

Watch your mail for correspondence from HIA, and specifically look for a short pink piece of paper that you can fill out for the drawing. Since you are one of our many clients that have agreed to let us correspond with you via email, all YOU have to do is to RESPOND to this email, and on the subject line, put REFERRAL on it, listing the contact information of anyone you think will value our services and advice……and that will get you entered into the drawing. There is no limit to the number of times you can enter the drawing.

We appreciate and value you and your business, and intend to be here for you and your family…forever!

Good luck and thanks for your loyalty!

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