HIA Staff

Welcome back to the Heuer Insurance blog. Since I am the writer of these blogs, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your checking in with these blogs. I am always open to suggestions as to topics, and starting next month, I will be answering some of the most commonly asked questions the staff at Heuer Insurance answer on a daily basis.

Speaking of staff, this month I would like to do something a little different and draw your attention back to our webpage at www.heuerinsurance.com., and specifically on the tab, meet the staff. If you are a business owner, you will understand when I say the most important asset I have, is my staff at HIA! We just updated the pictures, so click on the team members that you do business with, and tell them what you think of our new website. We are on face book and twitter, so be sure to LIKE us on Facebook.

I can’t tell you how proud of my staff I am…..some of them have been here for well over 30 years, although they only look like they are 29 still today…right?? In just a few months time, I will be salmon fishing with Starla Heuer in Winchester Bay, Oregon, and with the advent of technology, and a great loyal and dedicated staff, Starla and I hope to be in Oregon long enough to catch our hearts content of Crab and Salmon, both King and Silver. If you are a Salmon lover, email me for a great recipe, and if the fishing is good enough, I might even share a fillet or two with you!

Thank you for your business, and THANK YOU to my staff for allowing Starla and I to travel to Oregon for this long awaited sabbatical……

PS Speaking of eating…have you checked out the new menu at Vista Grille on Disc Drive in Sparks…..YUMMMMMMMMM! Tell the staff, that your friends at HIA referred you over there!