Special Event Insurance

Wait…is that fall you smell in the air??? It might be, but if you are anywhere close to Reno and Sparks, you just might be smelling leftovers from the world famous RIB COOK OFF sponsored by the merchants in downtown Sparks, Nevada! This wonderful special event is attended by tens of thousands of residents and out of town visitors and has become one of the “special” special events of the area! If you find yourself hoping to participate in an event like this or are one of the vendors who displayed your rib prowess, you likely needed insurance for that special event and Heuer Insurance can help you with that this year or in the future. Call one of my Commercial Lines agents and they can get you all the necessary coverage and paperwork that you will need. HIA insures restaurants and other businesses throughout Reno and Sparks, as well as Las Vegas and anywhere in between. When you think of Ribs, think the Rib Cook off in Sparks….when you think of Insurance on your automobile, motorcycle, boat, motor home or any other toy you might have, think of Heuer Insurance Agency, your Trusted Choice, Independent Insurance Agents. Thank you for your continued loyalty and we always welcome new clients.

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