BEWARE: Turkey Fryers

Well the Holiday Season is upon us and with the incoming Season comes increased concern about family safety. We find ourselves having to stay diligent and safe from outside influences, i.e. robbery and theft, but also from inside sources that we might bring upon ourselves….i.e. improper use of a Turkey Fryer!

Personally as an Insurance Professional, I wish these things had never been invented! The taste and the ease of cooking your Holiday bird is one thing, but the amount of house fires the insurance industry has seen continues to rise. Every year we read about people severely burned and massive destruction to personal property and real property. If you ARE going to use a turkey fryer, please use all the caution in the world. Google Turkey Fryer Fires and you will see some examples of how bad this situation can be. No one in my family has ever been hurt by one of these fryers, but then again, no one in my family uses a fryer, but it’s been close! There was a time I was at a party and someone cooked a bird using the fryer, and it was nothing short of pure luck that no one at the party was hurt and the surrounding property stayed intact…..but it scared the heck out of me, and I swore never to use one again. Just my opinion. So if you are going to use one, make sure your bird is 100% defrosted and you fry in a large open area.

Thanks for staying safe, and thanks for reading this quick blog. Happy Holidays,

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