The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

Merry Christmas to our faithful clients and readers. This issue of our blog is very pointed! Our message is simple….BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!! Whether it’s an icy parking lot, slippery street, or a bad guy waiting in the shadows, there are A LOT of reasons to be careful out there this holiday season. Here are a couple helpful tips to keep you safe this holiday season…..

1) Be careful with your internal and external Christmas lights. If your wires are old, frayed and more of a hassle than they are worth, then REPLACE them! Lights can be as difficult to deal with as any single electrical appliance we have, but they are beautiful when used correctly. LED lights are all the rage these last couple of years, and are much more economical than the old standbys. Plus they work better! For a few holiday dollars, you can make your life much easier, and don’t quote me on this, but rumor has it that places like Home Depot will take your old style lights, and give you $8.00 towards a new string of LED lights….good time to make the right call.

2) Let’s also be careful and focused around safety and security! Don’t park in a dark parking lot. Carry your keys in your hand and your purse on your shoulder, so you have use of both of your hands. Don’t leave valuables in plain view, including purses, cell phones and other electronic items. Hide your gift purchases in a locked trunk, and if you see anyone lurking in the parking lot, just leave! Above all, if you are approached by a bad guy wanting MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT, by all means….give it to him! We don’t need you to be a hero, we need you to be here to welcome in the New Year with your family.

3) If you are going away for the holidays, or just attending a holiday party, leave a light on to indicate that you are home, awake and careful. Generally the thought process of a criminal is if you don’t make yourself an easy victim, they will go on to look for an easier target.

These few steps can help keep you safe and make a difference. Of course if you aren’t careful walking thru an icy parking lot, none of these tips will do you any good, so my last one is…be careful. Be careful in your holiday activities: walking, shopping, driving, giving and just being away from your home, as every time we leave our home we increase the need to be cautious.

May your season be grand, your family be safe and sound, your insurance premiums reduced, and may we all live to fight another day. Above all, THANK YOU for your continued loyalty and business, we wouldn’t be here without you guys.

See you next month,


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