Boating season is just around the corner!

Safety Ahoy! Valuable Lessons in Boat Safety

Boating is a fun and relaxing experience, especially when shared with family and friends. But, good times can go bad quickly if the captain fails to keep all hands on deck as safe as possible. Each a year, there are approximately 700 deaths, thousands severely injured and approximately $50 million in property damage as a result of unsafe boating practices.
What is the cause of most boating deaths? The answer is drowning. For every 10 people who drown in a boating accident, nine were not wearing a life jacket. Make sure everyone, including the skipper, wears a life jacket at all times when on the water.
Follow these additional safety tips on your next outing:
• Keep boating safety rules fresh in your mind by taking a boating safety course every few years.
• Make sure your boat is in safe condition. Have it safety checked by the U.S. Coast Guard or other reputable boating organization.
• Always follow navigational and boat traffic rules when on the water.
• Be constantly aware of dangers in the water, such as other boats, debris, rocks or shoals.
• Watch out for swimmers and divers!
• Keep a carbon monoxide detector on your boat. Remember, carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless…and can kill in minutes.
• Never drink while boating! Nearly 25% of all boating fatalities were alcohol related.

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