Yard Work Safety – The Electrical Buzz

What’s all the buzz about electrical yard equipment? This time of year you will find millions of people buzzing around their yards making lawns, trees and shrubs perfect with their electrical yard equipment. When creating a buzz with electrical tools, be sure you are aware of outdoor electrical hazards. Each year, tens of thousands of people are killed or seriously hurt as a result of electrical accidents around the home, including outside. Here are a couple of safety issues…

a) Make sure the outdoor electrical outlets have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)
b) Be sure that tools and extension cords are rated for outside use and approved by UL
c) Do not use electrical equipment outside if it’s raining or even if the ground is wet
d) Never use electrical equipment or touch circuit breakers when you are wet
e) Always inspect your electrical cords for cuts and frays before each use.
f) Keep all children away from electrical equipment and cords while in operation.

Please keep this advise in mind, whether its summer time or during holidays when you set up your yard decorations. Your insurance agent friends at HIA need each and every one of you to be careful.

Thanks for your business. Check out the link to the Trusted Choice organization when you have time. www.trustedchoice.com

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