Kitchen Safety From Your Friends at HIA

Welcome back to the Heuer Insurance monthly blog….we appreciate you taking the time to read it. If you have any comments, or have suggestions for other blogs, I would sure love to hear from you. This month I was moved to talk about Kitchen safety. HIA currently has one of the largest open claims in the 85 year history of the Agency and it was a “simple” kitchen fire. Once your kitchen and all the cabinets get fully engulfed, the damage to the rest of your property gets crazy expensive. Just a small amount of simple caution can keep you and your family safe. Going thru a tough fire loss isn’t any fun and it can affect your life for a long, long time. Here are a few important safety tips….
1) If a pot catches fire, turn OFF the burner and cover the pot with a lid.
2) Keep cooking appliances free of food scraps. Clean your stovetop, oven and toaster regularly to prevent leftover pieces of food from catching fire. Be sure to follow the appliances instructions to prevent electrocution.
3) Avoid wearing clothes with long, loose fitting sleeves that may catch fire. And never forget what we learned as kids, and that’s the old Stop, Drop and Roll routine…it works and its saves lives.
4) Don’t leave cooking unattended. As Taylor Swift sings…Never, ever, ever leave cooking unattended, it just doesn’t work. ( Sorry Taylor!)
5) Don’t store things on top of, or in or around your stove! I have heard of people storing their seldom used Phone book in the oven…don’t forget, that oven likely has a pilot light so I know you don’t use that phone book except to look up Heuer Insurance, but don’t store it in the oven….
6) And finally, turn your pot handles toward the center of the stove when cooking. Serious burns can happen to you, your family and especially young children and the elderly.
Seems ridiculously simple doesn’t it?? I agree with you but after 40 years of selling insurance, I am always just blown away when I see the carelessness associated with a kitchen fire. The damages are great, the down time for your family can be huge, and no one wants to call and report that kind of claim. Be safe, be secure, and be kitchen smart.

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Thanks for reading, next time we will talk about how the simple WASHING MACHINE can turn into your worst enemy and biggest claim, and guess what??? It happens all the time. Until we meet in your inbox again, thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting a locally owned, family run, independent insurance agency! As we always say, KEEP YOUR MONEY IN NEVADA! Buy local, live local…and we all benefit. Good luck, stay safe,

Larry Heuer