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Welcome back. Last month I mentioned one of life’s greatest inventions….the washing machine! Modern day appliances are just the berries aren’t they?? Can you imagine washing clothes in the 1900s with a washboard and a bar of lime, let alone a 100 years earlier when the women folk went down to the creek to wash clothes by pounding them with rocks? Gotta love Maytag and all it can do for a busy family…..but what happens when that washing machine becomes your worst nightmare?
A broken rubber hose on a washer can cause literally thousands and thousands of dollars of repairs and a huge nightmare for the owner of the house. Your friends at Heuer Insurance, a Trusted Choice member agency, strongly recommend retrofitting that washer with a steel braided hose! Rubber can break at any time, it takes a gorilla to make something fail on a steel braided hose. This is the single biggest piece of advice I can give you re your homeowners’ insurance…..get rid of the rubber, and for about $50, pick up a set of steel braided hose. They will last virtually forever and prevent a true nightmare.
Other culprits include dishwashers, toilets, sinks, icemakers and water filter system. Any of these can cause a leak so bad you think you had a swimming pool installed in your front room! Not cool! Be proactive when dealing with ANY of these modern appliances….they were all made to improve the quality of our lives, but not if not properly maintained. Check the health of these appliances often, and above all, if you see a small leak, react then, not later hoping the problem goes away. It won’t and it will only get worse!
And finally, here is a warning on water heaters…..check the collection tray around your water heater as well as the floor around the unit to make sure you don’t have a leak of any type. Regularly inspect the pipes and connections to the water heater for leaks, build up of grime, and or corrosion. If you see signs of damage or leakage, the replacing of that appliance now, will be pennies on the dollar compared to a claim later, and far less trouble for you and the family later.
Whether it’s our medical care, or the appliances in our house, you need to be proactive in all of it, if you want your tools to work properly and provide you the comfort you envisioned when you bought the equipment.

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God bless the Men and Women of Americas fighting forces……we wouldn’t be free without them, so thank them every time you get the chance…..I promise you it will make YOU feel like a million bucks.

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