Motorcycle and ATV Safety

Here is a quick checklist of what Adam Heuer and I use when we deal with motorcycles, hot rods, quads, and any other summer use vehicle.

1) Check the tires. It’s important to not only check the air pressure, which almost assuredly has reduced in the long months since you rode last, but also check the tread on the tires. I saw something published by Dairyland Motorcycle Insurance that also commented on this same suggestion but went one comment farther….they said “tires are the most important part on your bike…if your engine fails, you can still coast to a stop, but if your tire fails, then its REAL trouble!” Well said Dairyland!

2) Check your lights, including your brake lights.

3) Check your cables, see anything worn out that needs replaced?

4) Check the fluid levels on all the units, including lubricating the chain, if the machine has one.
Just these four simple steps can save you time and money down the road. What we haven’t mentioned is Motorcycle Safety….here are our top three riding tips…

1) Get familiar with your owner’s manual…it can save your life.

2) Always use front and back brakes at the same time. Depending on your machine, you may need the front slightly more than the rear but NEVER grab the brake in a panic.

3) Slow down before a turn and lean with the motorcycle after you have determined your path is clear.
All these sound obvious and indeed they are. Now if you just practice these safety tips, you too will enjoy a great summer with the wind in your hair and bugs on your teeth. Now that’s just plain Nevada fun. Enjoy!

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