Air Races!

I sometimes wonder what it must feel like to scream around pylons set up in a race course in the desert, say about 400+ miles per hour….hmmmmm. I think one word would describe that feeling…..AWESOME! The smell of jet fuel, the sound of Freedom, the American flags, the incredibly happy fans, the corn dogs and dare I add…the cold brew??? AWESOME might not be enough! Welcome to Reno Nevada during the Reno Championship Air Races! Don’t you just love our area this time of year? Get out and enjoy what our State, let alone our area offers to you and your out of town friends. The events range from the Rib Cook Off, Balloon Races, and the ever so dramatic and thrilling Air Races. Traffic during these times get very busy, so make sure you leave early, and take your time. If you find yourself needing one of the professionals at HIA, we are here for you! Don’t forget all of our toys…the motor homes, the boats, the RVs, the jet skis and wave runners, all of which fly around our own personal pylons, but make sure you have your interests protected and properly insured! As the saying goes…”don’t leave home without it!” If in doubt, call one of the professionals at Heuer Insurance! They can tell you how to cut a few micro seconds off the application process! Adam Heuer will be spending plenty of time volunteering for both the Balloon Races and Air Races, if you see him around stop him and say hello! Happy fall and thanks for checking in at our blog.

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