Are You Fire Safe???

Have you prepared your house for a wildfire??? The Reno Gazette Journal published a great article several months ago about a Ring of Safety! In that article it spells out much better than I can, how to best protect your family and your possessions from a wild fire. Northern Nevada has been pretty lucky regarding wild fires so far this year, but the danger lasts well into what we normally think is Winter. Some of our worst fires have been later in the year, so be safe. Take a few minutes and think about what you can do to help be fire safe in your house. Be sure to check out the RGJ website for the article, but in the meantime, here are my favorite Ring of Safety tips.

1) Keep a clearing of at least 30 feet around your house.
2) Remove all dead grass, bushes and leaves in or around your property including your roof.
3) Store firewood away from your house.
4) Store and use flammable liquids properly….including gas for your lawnmower.
5) Dispose of your ashes in a FIRE PROOF container! Don’t assume they are cold and toss in the dumpster.
6) And the last one which seems too simple or easy, but is always your first line of defense….keep your garden hoses in good condition!!!!

There are probably a hundred other good ideas. It all starts with using your head and showing good judgment. Don’t be the next victim….even with the BEST insurance you can buy, a house fire is a massively traumatic experience and you don’t want to be the next victim.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for buying your insurance local. This family run business has been around for almost 85 years, and we employ Nevadans……come see one of them!

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