“Tom’s Tips” from your Friends at HIA!

Was it HOT enough for you? I can’t be the only one that is glad July is long gone….by the time you read this the weather will have started to calm down to be a little more reasonable. They say July was the hottest month in Reno history….that’s not cool! Sorry for the pun…but I DID intend it! Love that A/C but wow does it ever drive up the power bill!
A blog or two back, I spelled out some home safety tips that we all need to be reminded of. That blog garnered a LOT of response from friend and clients, including one from my new friend named Tom W, that added a couple more VERY useful tips to add to that chart! With thanks to Tom, for not only your families insurance business, but for responding to the Blog! Here are “Toms Tips”
1 )Never attempt to catch a falling knife! Let it fall to the floor, and do your best to get your legs and feet out of the way!
2) Always assume that all pots, pans, lids and handles in the kitchen are HOT! Don’t be using your bare hand without carefully checking the temp first.
3) Never use a wet towel or pot holder to pick up a hot pot or pan! The moisture in the wet cloth will turn to steam and can burn you.
4) Don’t pick up and move a heavy pot or pan unless you know ahead of time where you are going to put it down and the path is clear!
GREAT tips Tom and thanks again. Anyone else have anything they wanna add??

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Thanks for reading our blog, the blogger appreciates it and any responses. Remember, freedom isn’t free, it takes a proud fighting force to let us live life as we choose. Don’t ever forget the past, and look forward to the future, all while thanking the Men and Women of Americas Armed Services. May God Bless them all!
Lastly, have a GREAT and SAFE Thanksgiving!!!