Don’t Become A Victim…

HO HO HO and Merry Christmas! Dang it feels good to say Merry Christmas and God Bless America! I get pretty tired of hearing it’s not “cool” to say either of these sayings since they might not be politically correct……well that may be, but if you ever miss hearing those two comments and a few more we all grew up with, then come by and have a cup of coffee with your agent/friends at Heuer Insurance Agency, and lets all say it together..and LOUD!

Another thing we need to say LOUD is….BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! The streets in Reno and Sparks will be packed with busy holiday shoppers, most of them stressed for time and needing to be somewhere else already. We are already seeing a large increase in claims from parking lot accidents! No one needs the hassle of an insurance claim or the pain of dealing with a body shop this time of year, so drive defensively every time you get behind the wheel of your car!

Speaking of your car…..LOCK IT! Thieves look at this time of year as a bonanza because they know if you are in the parking lot at the mall, you either have presents in the car, or will return with presents and your wallet or purse. Be safe, park in well lit lots, shop together, walk out together, have your keys in your hand and preferably some mace or a whistle. Don’t give a crook the opportunity to make you a victim.

Enjoy the Christmas holiday, and thank you for your business. Your local friends and agents at Heuer Insurance Agency value each and every one of you. Please keep us in mind and mention us to your friends, we LOVE referrals and promise to work hard for your friends, and at the same time, you will be entered into our referral bonus program! Check out face book for past winners….they all have smiles on their faces and so could you!

Merry Christmas

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