Keeping You and Your Car Cool on a Road Trip

There’s no other country in the world that does cross-country road trips quite like America does. It has come to be a tradition and a rite of passage to take a road trip spanning several states in the summer. It is common knowledge that these road trips often lead to blood, sweat, tears, and worst of all, broken air conditioners.  Here are a few tips to avoid the worst of the summer road trip nightmares.

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Why Lower Car Insurance for Married Couples Makes Sense

Just when you thought things couldn’t get better, your insurance is about to take your happiness to the next level!  Did you know that married people often get lower rates for insurance?  Because they do.

To some people, that kind of a break might seem unfair, even discriminatory.  But sorry singles, there is evidence that supports this move made by insurance companies.  And this is it:

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Does Home Insurance Cover an Earthquake?

Those who are not familiar with the Reno, Nevada area may think that the number one natural disaster facing the homeowners of Reno is drought. But those who live in or around Reno know that the real threat to their safety and to their property and homes is not drought but rather an earthquake.

When a person looks at the USGS fault map of Nevada, they will see that the entire Reno area is scared by faults; all of which have the potential to wreak havoc with little to no warning.  And over the past decade there have been multiple earthquakes in and around Reno ranging in magnitude from 1 to 6 on the Richter scale which has led many to ask the question “when is the big one coming?”

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Heuer Insurance LOVES to Fish!

Can you believe the weather the East Coast has been dealing with all winter long??  Think they are ready for Spring, which is only a few short days away??  Living here in Nevada we generally escaped most of Mother Natures wrath this year…..I know that doesn’t help us with the drought situation, but it’s been a GREAT winter to live in Nevada that’s for sure, unless you are a snow enthusiast!   I am sure it’s just a matter of time before we hear of lawn watering restrictions again, and if that isn’t bad enough, what the drought does to our water reservoirs is just awful.  Have you seen the news reports that Lahontan is virtually dry?  Boat docks out of water at Tahoe, and many other bodies of water……all speak poorly of our snow pack, and it’s going to get worse…Our lakes and reservoirs need water bad…..  Many of you know that I simply LOVE fly fishing at Pyramid Lake…I try to fish it at least twice per week and preferably 3-4 times a week.  I have met some of the nicest and giving fly fishermen out there, both Men and Women.   I fished next to a lady one day at Pelican Beach and I could tell by her casting that she was an experienced angler… fact her license plate was WHIP IT!   If you know this lady, you can have some fun telling her you read about her casting skills from a distant fisherman who happens to be your insurance agent!   Some mornings when Adam and I get out there in the dark, all you can hear is other anglers greet you with a “Hey Larry is that you?  Or hey Adam, glad to see you again after losing that MONSTER the other day!”  Definitely more like a fraternity than competing for the best fishing hole.  We fished Pyramid on a Sunday a week ago, and a local angler by the name of Adam Garcia landed the biggest fish I have ever seen out there!!!  21 pounds plus!  Simply a hog and like most ethical fly fisherman, Mr. Garcia released that trophy to go make more little fish!  That is awesome, so if you know Mr. Garcia, reach out to him and thank him for letting that real trophy live to bite another day!  If you need more fishing stories, or some advise on where to fish, call either Adam or Larry.  Adam constantly out fishes me, but like my loyal staff told me at the last staff meeting…”Congratulations Dad, you taught him everything he knows about fishing, so take credit for it!”    I kind of like that thought!

Oh…were you looking for an insurance blog??  Some insurance advice??  Ok then, check back next month, and my wife Starla and I will be back from two weeks of fishing Pyramid every day, so maybe by then I will be ready to stop talking about huge fish at Pyramid Lake……..just maybe!

Thanks for your time, and your business, and be sure to thank a Vet….we couldn’t fish where we want if it weren’t for them!  Tight Lines,


How Smoking Affects Your Home Insurance

In order to keep your finances from going up in flames if anything ever happened to your house, you made the safe decision to invest in home insurance. The problem is you can’t seem to kick the habit that will make your house go up in flames. Or, at least could potentially.

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Moving to Reno: Finding Homeowners Insurance

Doesn’t matter where you are coming from, almost anywhere is more expensive than Reno.  Consider the lower cost, throw in some nice scenery, a great tax situation, and a location within spitting distance of an easy weekend getaway to exciting cities like Vegas and San Francisco, Reno definitely seems like the place to settle.  But is it?  Let’s find out.

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