How Smoking Affects Your Home Insurance

In order to keep your finances from going up in flames if anything ever happened to your house, you made the safe decision to invest in home insurance. The problem is you can’t seem to kick the habit that will make your house go up in flames. Or, at least could potentially.

A Little Bit Can Go a Long Way

Insurance policies do not fit under the “one size fits all” ideal. In fact, everyone’s policy is different because every person is different. The elderly may be charged more because of increased likelihood of possession of old and corrodible wiring that may cause a fire. Those with swimming pools are charged more in case of both risk and repairs.

Not only is it dangerous to live in a neighborhood where babies are stolen by coyotes every day (hypothetically) but insurance companies are aware of any of these dangers, and will charge you appropriately in case you decide to cash in on your premium. Fire is more often the case than coyotes and the risk is heightened when you are a smoker. Therefore, smokers are charged more for their home insurance.

Quit Smoking and Save

If you smoke, you could be paying up to 20 percent more on home insurance than those that don’t smoke. Statistics show that cigarettes create more home fires than any other factor, and are the most preventable causes. Stop smoking now and protect your finances, your home, and the lives of yourself and those around you.

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