Why Lower Car Insurance for Married Couples Makes Sense

Just when you thought things couldn’t get better, your insurance is about to take your happiness to the next level!  Did you know that married people often get lower rates for insurance?  Because they do.

To some people, that kind of a break might seem unfair, even discriminatory.  But sorry singles, there is evidence that supports this move made by insurance companies.  And this is it:

Married People Crash Less

Somehow, married people are just better drivers.  At least they avoid accidents much better than single people.  The statistics are clear, but the reason behind it isn’t.  Theories range far and wide: 

It could be that married people act more responsibly, especially if they have children.  After all, what kind of decent parent would drive recklessly with their precious children in the back seat?

Or it could be that married people drive less – no more late-night weekend bashes or dates every other night.

Others think that married people are simply more emotionally stable, and therefore drive less recklessly.

Whatever the reason, insurance companies are completely justified in offering lower rates to married people.  Just like they give discounts to older people, homeowners, good students, installing anti-theft devices, and so on, married people fall into the category of low-risk clients.


Combining Policies

By being married, you also have the chance to insure multiple vehicles under the same policy or even the same insurer, which can lead to more discounts.   Additionally, adding your new spouse as a secondary driver can also drive costs down.

So now you know!  Make sure that you get the discounts you deserve by speaking with one of our agents here at Heuer Insurance!

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