The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Our cars are our BFFs.  But when accidents happen, sometimes we turn on them, blaming them for accidents that are really our fault.  To keep you and your mechanical best friend safe, learn about 5 of the most common causes of car accidents and how to avoid them!

Distracted Driving

Distractions come from everywhere: rubbernecking (slowing to gawk at another car), cell phones, passengers, the radio, eating, etc.

And how do you avoid it – STOP IT.  Get a little self-control and don’t allow anything to distract you from the road.  If you absolutely must do something, pull over or ask a passenger to do it for you.

texting and driving

Drowsy Driving

Many drivers fall asleep at the wheel, drift out of their lane, miss traffic signs, or become surprised by something “jumping out” at them on the road.

Pull over away from traffic and take a nap if you are tired.  Get out, walk around, stretch, and get some fresh air.  This will help you stay alert on the road.

Reckless Driving

Another big accident-causer is reckless driving. This includes speeding, weaving through traffic, ignoring traffic signals, road rage, tailgating, being in a hurry, failure to yield, and so on.

Just remember that you aren’t the only one on the road and that human life is more important than anything.  Take a chill pill and drive respectfully.

Bad Weather

Bad weather can cause dangerous driving conditions.  Learn to slow down, allow extra room between vehicles, and be very alert and cautious.  If you need to, pull the road and wait out the worst of the storm.

Drunk Driving

Just don’t.  Drunk driving is completely irresponsible and can put your life and the life of others at great risk.

Remember that when you are on the road, you can control your actions, but not always the actions of others.  Drive defensively and make sure you have auto insurance for those times when others act less responsibly than you.

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