Factors that Raise Home Insurance

Many people don’t realize that they are paying more for home insurance because of the things that they own. [MS1] Here are a few of the factors that go into raising the cost of your insurance.

Dangerous Dogs

Sometimes a dog’s reputation precedes it, and not in a good way. Smaller dogs are harmless, but larger dogs, especially those with a history of violence, are almost guaranteed to raise your premium. In case your dog does actually attack someone, they will be covered under the homeowners-insurance liability claims.

Swimming Pool

Pools are not just a source of fun, sport, or relief. In fact, in the eyes of insurers, pools have potential to be incredibly dangerous, especially to young children that don’t know how to swim. This is why they require homeowners with swimming pools to be up to every regulation and safety standard, including having a fence around the backyard.

Swimming Pool


If there’s anything more dangerous than a swimming pool to young children, it’s trampolines. They’re unpredictable and when completely unassuming children bounce the wrong way, there’s no telling what will happen. Some insurers are so set on avoiding them, that they’ll put a “trampoline exclusion clause” in a contract in order to address liability.


Treehouses may be every child’s dream, but it certainly isn’t every insurer’s. Injuries from falling are so prevalent in young children that having a treehouse is a risk that will result in a higher premium to cover liability.

With any of these issues, you can expect to either pay a higher premium or be rejected for coverage altogether. Take every precaution necessary to be sure that your insurance will give you the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

[MS1]Or “Many people don’t realize that they are paying more for home insurance because of the things that they own.”

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