Good morning everyone!  I wanted to alert you to a very timely concern
the Insurance Industry has seen recently that is nothing short of awful, and is
easily preventable.  In fact ABC News just ran a similar story in the last
couple of weeks on GMA, and it has to do with people getting electrocuted in
their HOME swimming pool!  I am not an electrician, and I don’t own a
swimming pool, but from what I have read, seen or heard, you can easily check
your own pool by looking at the underwater light fixture in the pool, along
with any other drains, or circulatory pumps that are underwater.  Check
carefully for ANY corrosion around the metal holding the light or fixtures to
the side of the pool!  Most of these metal fasteners are of stainless
steel nature, some may look chrome, but if you see ANY corrosion or changes in
the metal AROUND your light, DO NOT use your pool or hot tub!  You need to
get a licensed and insured electrician out to give you the OK that your pool or
tub is safe!  Like the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention beats the
alternative!!!  Last year upwards of 24 people were electrocuted in
private residential pools… safe, spend a minute to save a life!

Also, May is Motorcycle Awareness month. Please, if you ride be careful, the
roads are dirty and slick this time of year so be sure to take your corners a
little slower. If you don’t ride, be sure to check twice before switching lanes
or making a turn. Fatal accidents can happen at the blink of an eye.

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And THANK YOU again to our armed forces!