How to Stay Cool on a Budget This Summer

Every summer, families across America are faced with the following quandary: how to keep cool without breaking the bank. Running the air conditioning all day is an expensive solution, but on the other hand, you don’t want to be baked alive in your home, either.

Thankfully, with a little strategizing, you can keep your home and your family cool this summer, without running up your electrical at the same time.


Keeping your home cool

  • Get those ceiling fans twirling: A breeze will make you feel cooler, even if the actual temperature hasn’t changed. Ceiling fans can help everyone feel cooler, and they also magnify the cooling effects of your air conditioner.
  • Let your dishes air dry: A full cycle of dishes in the dishwasher can add to the heat. Skip the last step, and let the dishes dry on their own.
  • Fire up the grill: A hot house will only be made hotter if you cook inside. Take it outside, and enjoy some summer grilling!
  • Do laundry at night: Doing the laundry does help heat up your house, so it’s smarter to do a wash during the cooler night hours. You get bonus points if you hang your laundry out to dry.

Keeping your family cool

  • Wear summer-appropriate clothing: Black clothing will absorb heat, while lighter shades will reflect it. Also, avoid heavy fabric like flannel and wool.
  • Drink plenty of water: Your body’s built-in cooling mechanism relies on you staying hydrated. A cold glass of water can go a long way in helping you cool down.
  • Go to the library, walk around the mall, go swimming—get out of the house: Sometimes the best strategy is to get out of the hot house and enjoying someone else’s air conditioning for a while.

Don’t forget, summer is just around the corner, and protecting your home and family from the heat doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

photo credit: Julien Haler via photopin cc

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