Summertime Safety Tips and Claim Prevention

Hot enough for you outside this week?  Wow….Northern Nevada hasn’t seen this kind of heat for a couple of years and until you are used to it, it can be just miserable, let alone deadly for pets and the Elderly.  JUST DO NOT leave pets, or Children, in cars, and if you have an elderly family member or neighbor, be sure to check in on them and if you can, donate a fan to them!  For this months blog,  thought I would talk about some of the more common claims we are seeing right now in the Agency, and maybe we can learn something here and prevent a claim in your life….often the claims we see are from pure inattention, both while driving and while occupying your residence.  Here are the top 4 claims we are seeing increase in frequency.

1)  Items stolen from locked cars
2) Water losses from leaky ice makers
3) Auto accidents in parking lots while backing up
4) Items stolen from parked RV’s

So you might be wondering, well what could I do to make sure my family doesn’t become a statistic and suffer a claim and deductible??  Pretty easy really when you think about it….

1)   Dont leave articles of value in a locked car especially if they are in clear                          view.                        Its just too easy for a GRAB and GO and this happens all the time, especially when traveling.
2)   Take a few minutes and move your refriderator and check your ice maker water line for any cracks or small                       leaks…I have seen these leaks cause $50,000 in damages
3)   Just like when we were being taught to drive, look both ways….TWICE!  Including your rear view mirror!  The                        Police Dept wont respond to accidents in parking lots, so you need to get witnesses, statements, pictures                       OR…..just be careful and look TWICE!
4)   There is a rash of burglaries to parked RVs both at peoples residences and at storage lots!  If you have an                       RV and you store it outside, DO NOT keep any more valuables in your RV than is needed to operate your unit.                        Don’t use it as a mini warehouse!!!

Above all, call us if you have any questions, or if you suffer a claim that we can help you with.  We have other deductible saving ideas so give us a call to hear about them.

Heuer Insurance appreciates your business and  your loyalty, so let us know what else we can do to continue to earn your business.  We are a proud member of the Trusted Choice and the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, and we invite you to visit our website and check out our other affiliations and partnerships.  Enjoy the 4th of July and find a Veteran to thank this weekend, and enjoy the holiday with your family.  God Bless America and all of its fighting Men and Women.

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