Can My Dog Affect My Home Insurance?

Having a pet is an exciting and important part of many people’s lives, however, there can often be serious repercussions to home insurance costs if you own a “risky” dog.  The experts at Heuer Insurance are here to help you understand the impact of dog ownership on the cost of your home insurance policy.

Risky Dogs

Most dog breeds are ranked on a scale of riskiness that is often used for home insurance purposes.  If your dog is found on the list of riskiest breeds, you may have a more difficult time getting insured.

Here are the top five riskiest dogs for homeowners:

  1. Pit bulls. These dogs have something of a bad rap with home insurance policies.  They are known for violence (although this is mostly due to their tough appearance and often abusive living situations).  Even if you have the sweetest pit bull around, you are likely to face higher costs on your insurance.
  2. Doberman Pinschers. These dogs are also known for violence and their bad behavior has led to many accidents and higher insurance costs.
  3. Rottweilers. Another breed known for dangerous attacks and violent behavior, this kind of dog may very well raise your payments or make it more difficult to find insurance coverage.
  4. German Shepherds. This breed, famous for helping the police, also has a bad reputation for less than appropriate behavior.  Their violent reputation makes them a difficult dog to insure.
  5. Chows. These poofy pups don’t look too dangerous, but they are known to have difficulty with children and to be frequent biters.  Consider carefully before purchasing a dog of this breed.

Making Your Choice

Choosing a dog can be difficult, but if you do your research well, you can find the perfect pup for your family and home insurance.  Documenting your research can be very helpful in the insurance process and demonstrates that you think carefully about purchases affecting your family.


Contact Heuer Insurance today and see how your new dog will affect your home insurance policy.