Home Buyer’s Checklist

Home Buyer's checklist

When buying a house, there’s no such thing as being “too safe.” Too often homeowners will sign the contract, only to find a month later that there is something about the house or the neighborhood that isn’t ideal. Here is a list to check and double check that the house you’re buying is right for you.

Think Long-Term

How long do you see yourself living in your future home? If you plan on raising children here, is the neighborhood conducive to this? Perhaps consider proximity to parks and recreational areas. Is the house on a busy main street? Are you zoned in a school you want your children to go to? Will you most likely be making a long commute to work?

Remember Your Must-Haves

What can you absolutely not live without? Write down a few of the things you must have, such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Is it a deal-breaker if you don’t have a bath tub or a walk-in closet? What about a front and back porch? Take the list with you to every house and keep track of which houses have the amenities you want.

Don’t Forget Additional Expenses

The house purchase by itself is not the only factor in cost. You’ll be paying for utilities, as well as gas money to commute to grocery stores, schools, and work. Utility companies can usually provide you with an estimate of what you will be paying monthly if you call. Also, it’s important to consider the age of the house when taking into account additional costs. Will the plumbing need to be replaced? Does the electrical wiring need to be updated? What condition is the roof in? Are the windows and doors energy efficient? Does the insulation need upgrading?

It’s not a bad thing to be picky about what you want in a future home. Once you find your dream home, be sure to protect it with the necessary insurance!