How Will My Child Be Taken Care of When I Pass?

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Planning for your family after your death is a difficult task, and when you are parenting a child (or adult) with autism, it can be even more difficult. Many parents assume that their children will simply know what to do after their death, but it is often difficult for adult children to care for their siblings and to understand their parents’ wishes.

Having a life plan can make managing these difficulties much simpler and help your family to understand and fulfill your wishes for your child with autism after your death.

Life Planning—The Earlier the Better

Because you can never know when your death will occur, it is important to start your life plan as early as possible, especially if you have a child with autism. This will ensure that your child is prepared, and will prevent any complications when you pass on.


A life plan provides a roadmap for what your children need to do, and it will help them to cope with your death more positively.

Deciding on a Caregiver

When you are compiling your life plan and thinking of your child with autism, it is important to consider possible caregivers. Finding someone who will help your child be productive and happy is an important part of your life plan, and should not be overlooked.

Find an Advocate

While you are alive, you are the number one advocate for your child, but after you pass, you need someone else to take on that role. Your insurance provider is a good place to turn for help in finding an advocate. They will work with you to find the best solution for your specific circumstances.


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