Should I buy a Hybrid or a Gas Car?

purchasing a car

As our society attempts to become more and more environmentally friendly, hybrid cars are quickly becoming mainstream options. However, that doesn’t mean that a hybrid is best for every driver.

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Teens and Tire Safety: What Drivers Ed Doesn’t Teach Kids

tire safety

In Drivers’ Education courses, our young drivers spend most of their time learning about the rules of the road and general safety practices. And, while these aspects of their driving education are very important, our young drivers often miss out on essential lessons on tire safety.

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How Will My Child Be Taken Care of When I Pass?

Parenting, child care

Planning for your family after your death is a difficult task, and when you are parenting a child (or adult) with autism, it can be even more difficult. Many parents assume that their children will simply know what to do after their death, but it is often difficult for adult children to care for their siblings and to understand their parents’ wishes.

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