Teens and Tire Safety: What Drivers Ed Doesn’t Teach Kids

tire safety

In Drivers’ Education courses, our young drivers spend most of their time learning about the rules of the road and general safety practices. And, while these aspects of their driving education are very important, our young drivers often miss out on essential lessons on tire safety.

Here are a few tire safety tips your teen drivers should understand before they take to the open road.

Checking Tread of Their Tires

The traction tires maintain with the road is vital to road safety, especially in bad weather conditions, so teaching your teen driver to check the tread can be very beneficial. This simple skill can help young drivers to avoid dangerous and slippery driving situations by maximizing their tires’ traction.

Checking Tire Pressure

In addition to consistent tread depth, being able to check their car’s tire pressure will help your teen driver to be safer on the road. Maintaining good tire pressure can improve gas mileage, and safety for drivers of all ages.

Changing a Flat

When teenage drivers get a flat on the side of the road, it is important that they know how to remedy the situation. This skill is especially useful on long trips away from urban areas.

If your young driver can change a tire on their own, they will be able to make it into town on a spare, and get a more permanent change made. That being said, you should also inform your teen that a spare tire needs to be replaces as soon as possible!

Teaching your teens driving safety is hugely beneficial, and while they will learn a lot in Driver’s Education courses, they may miss out on some of the basics. Teach your young drivers about tire safety today, and contact Heuer Insurance for more information!