Should I buy a Hybrid or a Gas Car?

purchasing a car

As our society attempts to become more and more environmentally friendly, hybrid cars are quickly becoming mainstream options. However, that doesn’t mean that a hybrid is best for every driver.

Understanding the benefits of each type of car can help you to make the best decision for your vehicle and your lifestyle. Here are a few of the benefits of both hybrid and gas cars.

Benefits of Hybrids

Hybrids are becoming more popular, especially among environmentally friendly crowds. There are some disadvantages, like the limited range of available models. However, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages for many consumers.

  • Environmental Impact. One of the biggest selling points of the hybrid is the decreased carbon footprint it leaves. Hybrids are more environmentally friendly then their gas counterparts
  • Lower Fuel Costs. The costs of fuel over a single fueling and the entire life of a hybrid are much lower than that of a gas car.
  • Government Rebates. The Government often offers rebates on the purchase of hybrid vehicles.
  • Higher Resale. Cars are generally infamous for poor resale value, however, hybrids maintain their value longer than other vehicles.


Benefits of Gas Cars

Gas cars are less popular in environmental circles; however, they have benefits of their own.

  • Lower Up-Front Costs. Gas cars tend to be cheaper upfront than similar hybrid vehicles.
  • Longer Distance Driving. Gas cars are less efficient than hybrids. However, they are often more practical for long distance driving.
  • More Trunk Space. If you do a lot of traveling, the greater trunk space of a gas vehicle may be in your best interest.


Making Your Decision

When it comes down to it, both hybrid and gas cars have benefits, and the choice is essentially yours. Whatever decision you make, be sure to visit the Heuer Insurance website for the best information on car insurance rates.