Tips to Prevent Theft From Your Car

Welcome back and thanks again for supporting Heuer Insurance Agency.  Let’s talk prevention this time.  One of the most common claims we are seeing is a huge increase in THEFT from  a parked car…  We all heard during the holiday season about how to be safe while Christmas shopping and where to park your car and how to stash your purchases out of sight.  What I didn’t hear talked about was what could be done to limit or stop it altogether.  These claims have far reaching consequences.  Did you know that if you have property stolen out of your car, you will most likely have a Homeowners claim, and the resulting deductible, as well as an automobile claim and following deductible.  That can be a lot of money, and two hits on your insurance record.  What is the EASIEST way to prevent these theft claims???  EASY; don’t leave valuables in your car, no matter how long it is parked, or where it is parked. Unless it’s in your garage, you stand a greater chance of a theft than ever before.   I’ve seen claims where people had $10,000 in property left in their cars, CRAZY!   Thieves have perfected ways to enter your car and sometimes without visible evidence of how they broke in.  They too are getting smarter, and now it’s OUR turn, don’t make it so easy on the bad guys.  Just don’t leave any valuables in your car when you aren’t there….EVER!   Another easy way to prevent break ins is to lock your doors. We still see claims where keys were left in a car, or a garage door was left open, don’t make it easy to become a victim…stand up for yourself and your property, all it takes is a little extra care, and believe me, you will be glad you did!  Stay safe… ALSO – Have you heard about our new referral program for 2015??? If not, be sure to give you agent a call today. There is a lot up for grabs this year and we want to be sure you get your piece of the pie!

God Bless America!

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