Safe Boating Tips For You And Your Family This Summer

boating safety

Are you planning on spending your summer on the water? Boating is a fun way to enjoy the summer weather and your local scenery. Keep your family safe with the following tips:

1. Always Wear Lifejackets

Make sure you and your family members wear a life jacket at all times—even if you are good swimmers. A life jacket drastically increases your odds of surviving a boating accident. Small children should wear life jackets any time they are near the water, and adults should always wear them on the boat.

2. Check The Weather Forecast

It only takes a few seconds to check the weather forecast. Make sure the conditions are safe for boating before you leave land.

3. Make A Float Plan

Decide when you’ll be boating, and approximately what time you’ll finish. Let someone on land know where you’re going and when you plan to get back. Leave them with information about your boat and all your passengers. This way if something goes wrong, they’ll know to call for help.

4. Protect And Inspect Your Boat

Inspect your boat before you take it out on the water and protect it during the off-season. Keep up on regular maintenance and invest in insurance to protect your boat and make repairs affordable.

5. Take A Boating Course

Take a course to learn the basics of boating. You’ll learn how to safely operate your boat, and what to do in an emergency.

6. Save Alcohol For Later

Alcohol impairs your judgment and your senses. Being out in the sun on a moving boat will exaggerate the effects of alcohol. Save the drinking for when you get back on land.

7. Stock Up For Emergencies

Keep maps, flares, extra drinking water, and a first aid kit on your boat so you’ll be prepared if there is an emergency or injury away from land.

Boating can be a fun and relaxing way to enjoy time with your family. Follow the tips above to keep everyone safe.


Finding and Insuring Your Perfect Recreational Vehicle

Adventure is calling, and there is no better way to answer than with an RV. Officially known as recreational vehicles, RVs come in all shapes and sizes depending on what type of trip they’ll be used for. If you’re thinking about purchasing an RV, there are a few things you should know.


Finding the Perfect RV

There are many types of RVs available, from simple campers to large motorhomes. Finding the type of RV perfectly suited to you and your family’s needs may seem complicated, but here are a couple of questions you can ask yourself to help you get started:


Where do you plan to go in your RV? If you hope to go on simple camping trips, a smaller trailer may be best to help carry your tents and equipment. If you’re looking to traverse the country on a fairly regular basis, a motorhome can offer ease and luxury for many weeks or months of travel.


Do you want to cook in your RV? Some RVs offer kitchen options, while others do not. If you’d rather do your own cooking, make sure your RV comes with a small stove and refrigerator. If eating out doesn’t bother you, a smaller unit may be the way to go.


Who is traveling with you? The larger your family or number of traveling companions, the more room you’ll want. Make sure to take stock of how many people will generally use the RV and how much space they and their belongings will take up.


Finding the Perfect RV Insurance

After finding the perfect RV, it is important to make sure it is insured. Since an RV is often like a home and a vehicle combined, you’ll need to take extra care to determine what is most important to you and find a policy that meets your specific needs. Some things to consider are what you’ll keep inside the RV, where you’ll need to park it, and what extra coverage you’d like in case you encounter trouble or difficulties on your trips.


To learn more about finding the perfect RV insurance, contact one of our experienced agents at Heuer Insurance Agency. We’ve been serving our community since 1929 and look forward to helping you live your dreams.

June’s Blog – Mom’s on the Run and the Miracle Madness

Welcome back.  As I write this blog this afternoon, the 3 time World Series Champions SF Giants are playing and SF needs a WIN!  Even more important than that, our Vice President, Mr. Adam Heuer, recently presided over the Reno South Rotary’s most improved student banquet where some very deserving  local high school kids get awarded Scholarships as the Most Improved Student of their respective school.  Just hearing these kids’ stories is heartwarming and a tear jerker.  I attended one of the preliminary events and it was nothing short of AWESOME!  I really invite you to check out Rotary’s website at . Adam’s year of Presidency is almost over and he has received huge compliments of a job well done.


Heuer Insurance LOVES to be involved in the community, so look for us out there and let us know what charity YOU support and maybe we can join in and help, maybe even a matching funds type of deal, if it was done right and still affordable, I think it would be a great way to help local nonprofit groups, that are important to you.


This August, one of our most valued Team members celebrates their 29th anniversary of working at Heuer Insurance, and for their clients.  If you get a chance, send her a quick email or better yet give her a call and congratulate her personally.  LaRee Cobb is in our personal lines department and has served our clients for a LONG LONG time!  Great job LaRee, here’s to 29 more fabulous years!!


I would also like to talk briefly about keeping your dollars local, and as a business owner I can tell you how much we appreciate your dollars staying local.  My FAVORITE store to spend my local dollars, is Scheels Outfitters in Sparks.  Out of all the stores I used to frequent, these guys have it going on!  Whether it’s a blue shirt associate or a white shirt, they always care about the customer.  I LOVE it when you walk in and are greeted by one of the associates at the cash registers… makes you feel local and glad you are.  I would also like to personally thank, and give a loud shout out, to the manager of the fishing department…Chris Pyra.  I promise you, if you need help, or have a tough question, this guy can help!  Great job Chris and Scheels, you are both a credit to the concept of spending your dollars locally. Thank you for taking the time to read our most recent publication, we appreciate each and every one of you. Larry Heuer

This month we also want to highlight some activities that our team supports, first, Debi Baucom has a short blurb about her experience with the annual Mom’s on the Run Fundraiser:


The ladies in my family and I proudly sign up for Moms On The Run every year.  It is always held on Mother’s Day.  This was their 15th year.  Moms On The Run is a non-profit organization created by hard working, caring people of the Reno community. They financially assist local patients during treatment for breast and gynecological cancers when it can be very difficult to pay living expenses.  All donations stay in Northern Nevada.  This event offers a 3k/5k Walk and 5k/10k Run as well as a Bon Bon Stroll and Kidlet’s Race.  Please visit their website to get involved!  I would encourage anyone to help in this endeavor, and I would like to thank my family and Heuer Insurance for getting involved in this important organization.


Secondly, our newest team member Mike Powell was involved with the Miracle Madness Charity and he would like to tell you about it:


I recently participated in the Miracle Madness charity event hosted by Phi Delta Epsilon at the University of Nevada-Reno. It was an amazing event created to raise money for the Renown Children’s Miracle Network and they helped raise more than $10,000! The dance marathon hosted several local bands and dance crews and a carnival themed walkway full of face painting, pie throwing, and bounce houses! Kids of all ages joined in the festivities; unaware of the impact they were having on the lives of the hundreds of kids who pass through the children’s hospital. It was a fun loving event with great intentions and I enjoyed being able to participate this year!  Heuer Insurance Agency and I encourage others to get involved and help make a difference!