Water Loss Prevention, Make a Wish and More…

Hello to the friends of Heuer Insurance Agency, and its awesome set of employees!   I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to work with such a dedicated and loyal staff, and I have heard from many of you, that you feel the same way!  Great job Team Heuer.  Ok, enough about us!  Let’s talk about one of most frequent claims we are seeing.   I have written about this same topic in the past, but for whatever reason, these claims are getting more frequent and the cost to repair the damages has risen massively.  Maybe it’s because of the improved construction industry but we have several claims that will exceed $100,000 in cost.  MOST water losses can be preventable, and I have some suggestions.  These are only suggestions, and in many cases, the homeowner has no advance knowledge there is even a problem.  At best, we can prevent a lot of them, and minimize the pain for the times there was nothing we can do….here are a couple of suggestions.

1)  Replace your rubber wash machine with a new stainless steel hose!  You can do it yourself and is very inexpensive.


2) If you go out of town, for even a week, have a neighbor or family member check on your house.  You would rather see water damage from a couple of hours, or even days, versus weeks and weeks of unbridled water loss.


3) Turn off your wash machine before leaving for even a few days.


4) Many hoses today have a separate water turn off for the sprinklers and another one for the house.  Not a bad idea.


5) If and when you ever have to pull out the refrigerator, double check and maybe even replace the plastic or copper hose you are using for your ice machine.  HUGE amount of losses.


6) If you have an instant hot water system, turn it off…no use heating water you rant going to use.

Recently Adam Heuer and Mike Powell participated with the Make a Wish Foundation, Nevada Young Agents and Trusted Choice to present Priscilla with a fully loaded RV to stay in while her and her family travel to and from California for her treatments. What a great experience this was for all and we were fortunate to be a part of it.


trusted choice



Lastly, our very own Rhonda Hendrickson has a little something to share. We all hit bumps in the road and dwell on the negative but Rhonda shows us that people are capable of making a positive difference in our lives.

Ever have one of those days when you feel like everything has gone wrong?   In today’s world there are disasters and sadness every day and as the saying goes, bad things happen to good people.  But let’s not lose sight of the GOOD, KIND people in our world making a difference in the lives of others.  The kind acts of others continue to impact my life and the lives around me.  My son had been very ill in April and hospitalized for three weeks. His recovery was slow, but he recovered with a new lease on life and a new appreciation for HIS life.  He set out to get a job and needed a bicycle to make it to an interview.  My landlord happened to stop by my house and when he heard about my son’s interview, he left our house and an hour later came back with a bike. My son got the job!  I went grocery shopping last week and when I arrived home, realized I left items underneath the cart. I called the store and was told a passerby brought my items in.  My co-workers husband lost his wallet on an airplane and thought it was gone for good.  A week later he received a call that his wallet was found.  Kindness surrounds us.  Kindness brings hope in difficult times.  Kindness brings joy.  The best things in life are free, including kindness.  Being kind to others feels good.   Remember it’s the simplest acts that make a difference, a kind word, a smile … or returning someone’s belongings…

That’s it for this month everyone, THANKS for reading, and we sure appreciate your loyalty and business! We’d love to hear about your last experience with our office, we are always looking for testimonials. We have recently teamed up with AngiesList and could use the feedback. If you are an AngiesList consumer, please visit the following link to leave us a review.


God Bless America and its fighting forces!

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