What Can YOU Do To Keep Your Home Safe?

DIY home security

Your home is a safe haven and central location for your family, so it is essential to protect it and the people who live there.

Unfortunately, Reno residents need to take extra precautions because Reno’s crime rate is higher than 86% of the other cities and towns in Nevada.  Property crimes are higher as well, and Reno residents have a 1 in 31 chance of being the victim of vehicle theft, arson, larceny, or burglary. (Source)

So what can you do to protect your home? Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Don’t Make You Home An Easy Or Attractive Target

In most cases, home burglars are looking for easy, lucrative targets, so a few simple things can significantly lower your chances of having your home burglarized.

  • Always lock your doors and windows when you are away and at night. Secure your sliding glass door with a piece of wood, and don’t forget to lock the door that connects the house to the garage.
  • Install a deadbolt or chain lock on your doors to make it even harder for burglars to get in.
  • Don’t leave a spare key outside your house under a rock or in a pot. Give your key to a trusted family member or neighbor instead.
  • Avoid leaving expensive items in plain view from windows. You should also be careful when throwing away boxes for new expensive items such as laptops, televisions, and smartphones. If these boxes are easily visible, burglars will know that there is something new, valuable, and easy to sell in your home.

2. Increase Visibility Around Your Home

Make it easier to spot intruders by keeping the area around your home open and well lit. This will deter burglars in the first place, but it will also make it easy for you and your neighbors to notice suspicious activity. Keep motion detector lights working outside, and trim bushes and trees near your home.

3. Invest In A Security System

Something as simple as a security system sign will discourage many burglars. The security system itself will add extra protection and make it easier to monitor your home when you’re away. In some cases you may receive a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy if you invest in a security system.

4. Take Extra Precautions When You’re Away From Home

Burglars are much more likely to invade your home when you’re away, especially if you’re gone for an extended period of time. Take the following steps to give your home extra protection when you’re out of town.

  • Don’t advertise your vacation dates on social media. This makes it easy for hundreds of ‘acquaintances’ to know that your home is less protected.
  • Have the post office hold your mail, so an overstuffed mailbox doesn’t announce that you’re gone.
  • Set your lights on a timer so that your house still looks lived in.
  • Tell a trusted neighbor that you’ll be gone and ask them to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior.
  • If you can, it may be best to hire a house sitter to stay in your home and feed your pets, water your plants, and make your home look occupied.

Although there are many precautions you can take, you can only do so much to protect your home—you can’t control the actions of others. This is why it is essential to invest in a homeowners insurance policy that will cover damages if you are the victim of a burglary. Visit Heuer Insurance to learn more about protecting your home and other investments.



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