Water Losses!?!?

Welcome back to the Heuer Insurance Agency Blog.  We hope you are enjoying this winter as much as we are!  El Nino has really helped our water outlook for 2016 and beyond, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Please continue to do your part in helping conserve water for what’s really important in life – like fishing and boating and enjoying a day at the lake with your kids!  I know our family has made a concentrated effort in reducing our water consumption. Just recently TMWA sent out mailers to each home advising them what they used, and where they stand Statewide in comparison to how much they use versus the rest of the State.  It’s important we all do our part!

Speaking of water, those of you that follow this blog know that I have mentioned many times in the last few months about how costly, and upsetting water losses can be!  So…. we go from talking about the drought, to water in your house and how nasty water in the wrong place can be in the event of a claim. Ironic isn’t it?    After 43 years in the insurance industry, I can tell you the insurance industry acts like a single entity if and only if, a particular type of claim brings industry wide losses too large to ignore!    And it’s no surprise, we once again are talking about water losses.  Review our blog an entry or two back for some great ideas on how you can mitigate a water loss.  After I published that blog, the insurance industry came out in droves with all sorts of software and related articles designed for insurance agents to talk to their clients about water losses and how to prevent them.  I don’t take credit for getting the onslaught of articles started, it’s really more of another case of social media picking up on the fact that so many of us have had to suffer through these tough losses and it’s got the conversation started. You will be reading some future blogs about ideas others are bringing to the table on how to prevent water losses.  And I ALWAYS promise to keep them short….

Here are a couple of industry websites attacking the problem:

1)       Safeco Insurance Company has an interactive page on their site working, educating and discussing all facets of water losses. From how to detect them, what tools are available for the average homeowner, to helping you keep your HOT water, in the tank and not all over your floor.  Check it out…its brand new!   http://www.safeco.com/homeowners-insurance/do-more/detect-and-prevent-home-water-damage 2)       CIG or Capital Insurance Group also has some new and interesting articles on their website, such as their most recent one, “25 ways to winterize your life”. Tons of useful information from these two sites. www.ciginsurance.com

For more links and information check out our Heuer Insurance Website (www.heuerinsurance.com) and click on partner links and look for both Safeco Insurance as well as CIG for some awesome free information. And don’t forget that interactive website page of Safeco’s….brand new this week!  So that’s all you have to read from me about water and its ugly neighbor….unfriendly water.  Unfriendly water is water somewhere where it’s not supposed to be, and is causing damage to your property.  Both are wet, one is just way more fun than the other…..

And finally, I would like to highlight one of the longest tenured professionals ever to work at Heuer Insurance.   If you think me being here 43 years sounds like a lot, let me introduce Debi Baucom from my Commercial Lines Department.  She came to work for me 38 years ago, and still has my back and yours to this day!  If you know Debi, I don’t have to say any more, other than call her up and congratulate her on her 38th anniversary.  Stop by and say hello or enjoy a fresh brewed cup of coffee on your friends at Heuer Insurance Agency.


Thanks for all the years of loyalty and friendship…..GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Larry Heuer

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