Should You Insure Your Family Pet?

A dog lying on its stomach looking sad

In a country of pet-lovers but also ever-advancing technology, it can be quite expensive to provide medical care for your pets. All of the advances in technology mean that new and improved procedures and equipment are available to help your pet return to and maintain good health, but also come with a cost.

Fortunately, you have some options to help you cover those costs, including pet insurance. Check out these facts about pet insurance to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What does it cover?

Here are the basics of what pet insurance will cover:

  • Death

Whether your beloved pet passes from illness or accident, your insurance policy can cover what your pet is worth monetarily.  However this coverage usually only applies to pets under a certain age, generally 7-10 years old for cats and 7-8 years old for dogs. Other costs associated with death that may be covered including euthanasia, cremation, and burial coverage.

  • Dental coverage

Usually this coverage only applies to dental problems caused by accidents, but make sure you understand what kind of coverage you have when you take out a policy.

  • Promotional materials for missing animals

If your animal is lost, the cost of advertising materials can be covered by insurance.

  • Liability

If your animal injures someone else or damages their property, the expenses can be covered by your pet insurance policy.

  • Overseas travel

If you travel internationally and your pet becomes ill, your insurance can cover their care.

  • Cattery/Kennel fees if you are hospitalized.

You typically must be hospitalized for a minimum of 2-4 days for this coverage.

Pre-existing conditions are almost always excluded, as are routine or preventative care. Pregnancy and birth-related care is also usually excluded.

What types of policies exist?

There are a few different kinds of policies you can choose from, including:

  • Lifetime

This is the most comprehensive coverage without time limits for illnesses.

  • Non-lifetime coverage.

If you have a dog who’s breed is more susceptible to a certain condition, you can take out a policy for that specific condition with or without a time limit.

  • Accident-only coverage.

This coverage would only pay out for accidents such as car accidents, dog attacks, etc. No illnesses are covered.

What about older or sick pets?

Most companies will not insure pre-existing conditions. Premiums also tend to rise each year for older pets. These facts are important to know because if you find your premiums really expensive and find that another company offers lower premiums, you may not be eligible for the other insurance for pre-existing conditions and the company may exclude older animals altogether.

Is pet insurance affordable?

With several policy options to choose from and so many condition-specific policies available, there is a large price range in pet insurance policies. Some policies are even priced based on the specific breed, if you have a breed that is generally more susceptible to health problems. If you spay and neuter your pets, or purchase coverage when they are very young, then you may be able to lower the costs of pet insurance.

For more information on pet insurance or to get quotes, visit us at Heuer Insurance Agency in Reno, Nevada to have all of your insurance questions answered.