Keep a Home Inventory Checklist Just in Case

For most of us, we won’t have to experience a disastrous home loss such as a flood, fire, earthquake or other disaster. That doesn’t mean any of us should be less prepared for such an event should one occur. Preparing a home inventory can be a large task, but taking the time to do so can make a difference of thousands of dollars when it comes to your claims settlement as well as simple ease of processing your claim.

For many of us, where we live symbolizes us and what is in that house symbolizes our lives. Our belongings represent our memories, personal style and even investments that hold significant value such as art.  When you add up how much all of your personal items are worth, it can be a substantial figure into the many 10s of thousands of dollars or more.

Home insurance claims from disasters such as flood or fire are traumatic. A home inventory checklist can help you remember quickly what items you had. Would you recall exactly how many pairs of jeans you had and what brand they were? Would you recall how many pairs of shoes you had or what brands they were? What about art? Could you recall the name of the artist and how much you paid for it?

Taking the time to inventory your home can be useful in the event of theft or damage to the contents of your home. Keep track of your items with easy to use chart! You can even attach photos of your items and quickly send this chart to your insurance agent to help speed up the claims process. Another way to document is with a thorough video or video series. Be sure to store your home inventory checklist in a safe place like in the cloud.

The good news is your insurance agent likely gave you sufficient coverage for your personal property. If you feel like you need more, be sure to tell your agent. Home, renters and condo insurance policies typically come standard with this coverage.

Heuer Insurance Agency in Sparks has worked with a variety of clients in the Reno area over the years and we are confident in our ability to meet your personal or business insurance needs. We understand how important an insurance policy can be and we take time to match each of our clients with the perfect insurance policy. Whether you are looking for auto insurancerenters insurancehomeowners insurance, or life insurance we can help you. Not only can we provide you with each of these personal insurance policies, but we can also help you find a general liability policy, workers compensation policy or commercial building insurance policy. Give us a call at 775-358-5554 or visit us.


A Negative Online Review Can Leave You Vulnerable to Liability

Everyone today is connected in some way to social media.  It can be by Facebook, Yelp, email or other internet outlets.  When you write something you leave your fingerprint for everyone to see.  If you go to a restaurant, dentist, daycare or other business and have a bad experience, you might think of writing a bad review on the company’s Facebook page or Yelp, for example.  If you decide to do this, it is important to exercise caution about how you word your experience as recent cases have shown you can be sued for libel – even if you think the review was justified.  This can be a very frightening situation and how on earth can you afford to pay attorney fees?  What do you do?

If you have the right coverage on your homeowners insurance, you likely have protection for these personal offenses such as libel, slander or defamation of character.  If you receive a lawsuit, you need to contact your homeowners insurance claim’s department right away.  The claims department will defend you and pay for damages up to certain limits on your policy.  If you want to be extra cautious, you can get an umbrella insurance policy that would give you coverage above and beyond your homeowners policy for attorney fees and any damages awarded. It is important to understand your home or renters insurance. I you have questions about one of these policies, feel free to contact a one of our licensed agents to discuss.

Heuer Insurance Agency in Sparks has worked with a variety of clients in the Reno area over the years and we are confident in our ability to meet your personal or business insurance needs. We understand how important an insurance policy can be and we take time to match each of our clients with the perfect insurance policy. Whether you are looking for auto insurancerenters insurancehomeowners insurance, or life insurance we can help you. Not only can we provide you with each of these personal insurance policies, but we can also help you find a general liability policy, workers compensation policy or commercial building insurance policy. Give us a call at 775-358-5554 or visit us.

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5 Things You Should Know About Getting Sued

Lawyer's fine suit coat

If you’ve recently heard the words “you’ve been served,” you more than likely have a lot of questions about what to do next. Here are 5 things you should know about getting sued, to help you prepare for the worst should a lawsuit be filed against you or your company.

  1. Don’t Admit You’re at Fault

Admitting you are at will fault will only make for a stronger case against you. While you might feel like it’s the right thing to do, you may only be partially at fault— if at all. Regardless of if you are at fault or not, admitting it to the plaintiff makes a big difference in the courtroom.

  1. Act Quickly, Make Deadlines, and Gather Documentation

One of the worst things you can do is pretend you weren’t ever served. You must act quickly as every lawsuit has strict deadlines, some of which need responses in a matter of days. If you fail to respond or file appropriate documentation before a deadline passes, the consequences can be severe.

Once you’ve addressed all the deadlines, start gathering the appropriate documentation that will be relevant to your case. Any letters, emails, photographs, contracts, invoices, or bills that can be used as evidence should be saved and photocopied.

  1. Meet with an Attorney

While you need to act quickly and address deadlines, meeting with a reputable lawyer who can guide you will definitely ease some of your stress. Ask family and friends or trusted business associates for good recommendations and do your research. If your case falls under the general liability category, you may not want to hire a divorce lawyer to represent you. And if you don’t have the funds to hire a lawyer outright, discuss possible payment options with several attorneys as they will often work with your situation.

  1. Explore Settlement, Mediation, and Countersuit Options

Some items that should be up for discussion with your attorney include settlement, formal mediation, or even filing a countersuit (though this option will likely increase tension). Keep in mind that most cases can be settled outside of the courtroom, but it is always wise to explore every option available to you.

  1. Protect Yourself with General Liability Insurance Beforehand

General liability insurance is a specific insurance that protects you or your business against liability claims for bodily injury and/or property damage. If you are sued and have this type of insurance in place, it will pay for any damages, awards, and often a portion, if not all of, the expenses. General liability insurance limits your risks and typically covers damage to properties, bodily injuries, injury related to advertising, and slander/libel or personal injury cases.

Heuer Insurance specializes in general liability in Reno, Nevada. Give us a call today to consult with an insurance specialist.

5 Common Causes Of Accidents In Nevada

Nevada girl crosses street

Each year, nearly 300 Nevada residents die in fatal car accidents. Similarly, more than 1,000 people are severely injured in motor vehicle accidents annually, across the state.  Even with campaigns like Zero Fatalities, a state initiative to encourage safe driving, and the Highway Safety Performance Plan, Nevada still has a substantially high accident rate.


Interestingly enough, the leading reasons for many Nevada car accidents aren’t as common as you might assume. Though drunk driving, driving impaired, and inclement weather all present a real threat, the following five factors are most common for car accidents in Nevada.


  • Failure To Stay In The Proper Lane

Every year, more than 40 people are killed in crashes that occur when someone does not remain in the proper lane. Authorities also credit this common mistake to more than 5,000 car crashes annually. Failure to stay in the proper lane is also often referred to as an improper lane change but can also include a driver drifting or merging out of his or her current lane and into the path of another or oncoming vehicle. Be sure to stay within your lane and remain focused at all times. Double check before changing lanes, always use your turning signal, and do not drive if drowsy or distracted.

  • Running Stop Signs

Police report that more than 700,000 car accidents occur annually at stop signs. Many accidents involve rolled-over vehicles, side-impacted or “t-boned” cars, and car-pedestrian collisions. Running a stop sign in Nevada is punishable with a $1,000 fine and up to four points on your driving record. Stop signs should never be ignored. Be sure to come to a complete stop and look both ways before proceeding.

  • Failure To Yield The Right-Of-Way

Another common cause of car accidents in Nevada occurs when drivers fail to yield to another’s right-of-way. This mistake costs the lives of nearly 25 people each year and an average of 6,500 crashes total. Right-of-ways are present at intersections, four-way stops, three-way intersections, left-hand turns, stop signs, pedestrian crossings and yield signs. The best way to avoid a right-of-way collision is to thoroughly understand the laws and regulations.

  • Reckless Driving

Drivers who fail to heed traffic signals or drive too fast for conditions are often the cause of many Nevada accidents. Reckless driving is credited for more than 4,200 accidents every year and causes around 20 deaths annually. Understand the conditions in which you are driving; if you feel uncomfortable driving in inclement weather, at night, or in heavy traffic consider waiting for better conditions. Similarly, make sure you follow the advice of all road signs. For example, if a sign cautions you to slow before a tight turn – slow before the tight turn.  

  • Finally, the most common cause of accidents in Nevada: Distracted Driving

The most common cause of accidents occurs at the hands of a distracted driver. With Nevada being home to some of the nation’s most spectacular scenery and breathtaking cities, it’s easy to get distracted. Avoid using your cell phone, sending a text message, tinkering with the stereo or even eating messy foods while driving. Furthermore, pull over to take photos or sight-see.

Be sure you, your car and your passengers are adequately protected from car accidents with a reliable auto insurance policy. As the leading car insurance company in Reno, Nevada, Heuer Insurance Agency works with you to create a tailor-made policy that fits your wants and needs. Contact us today to consult with one of our agents.

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5 Things To Go The Extra Mile For When Spring Cleaning

Well cleaned home

After months of cold weather and harsh temperatures, March 20th finally marks the first day of spring. Chances are this warm weather is encouraging you to give your home the thorough cleaning it probably needs.

Though warm-weather cleaning might not be for everyone, thousands of Americans spend hours each spring scrubbing walls, sweeping floors, dusting furniture and much more. When you dig into spring cleaning this year, don’t skimp on these 5 essentials.

  • Don’t Neglect The “Top Zone”

The “top zone” or anything above your head is one of the first places you should clean. Ledges, tall windows, ceiling fans, light fixtures, air vents, and door frames all collect dust over the winter. By targeting these areas first, you can prevent dirt and debris from settling on freshly cleaned floors and furniture. You can also use this time as an opportunity to replace burnt-out light bulbs and deteriorated, ineffective filters.

  • The Three C’s

When cleaning your home, be sure not to neglect the three C’s: ceilings, corners, and closets.

Ceilings and corners are notorious for collecting cobwebs, dust, debris, and dirt and are easily overlooked when doing a quick vacuum clean during the winter. Also, be sure to open up your closets and give them a thorough clean. Take this opportunity to grease squeaky hinges and sliding tracks as well.

  • Concentrate On Eye Level Areas

After cleaning out the nooks, crannies, closets, and ceilings, take note to thoroughly clean everything at eye level. This includes windows, walls, bookshelves, and tall furniture. You should also consider the following:

  • Dust wall hangings like pictures, mirrors, clocks, etc.
  • Wash both sides of windows
  • Dusting bookshelves, tall lamps and other furniture
  • Washing, ironing and re-hanging curtains
  • Don’t Forget The Floor

Before giving your floors a thorough scrubbing, be sure to clean the baseboards, shake out and vacuum mats, runners and rugs. This is a good time to put away any floor coverings you won’t need in the summer months. Sweep and mop any hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors and be sure to wash any small area rugs, as these collect bacteria, dust, and debris over time. Also consider renting or hiring a professional carpet cleaner to give your treaded carpets a deep, effective clean.

  • Keep Your Kitchen In Mind

As the heart of our home, giving your kitchen a thorough clean is essential. And as a high-traffic, high-mess, and high-maintenance area, your kitchen is sure to need it. There are a few extra steps you need to take to thoroughly clean your kitchen.

  • Clean the inside of your fridge and freezer, stove and dishwasher
  • Clean countertop accessories like the toaster, teapot, microwave, coffee maker, etc.
  • Remove all items from the countertop and clean well, being sure to pay attention to the backsplash
  • Thoroughly go through each cupboard or shelf in your pantry and remove each item to clean in and around the area. When replacing them, consider organizing to make your life easier.
  • Clean and deodorize your garbage and recycling bins

For more tips on how to take great care of your home, and for information on how you can protect your home and the safety of your family, visit Heuer Insurance Agency.  As the leading home insurance agency in the Reno, Nevada area, Heuer Insurance has the resources necessary to find you the best solution for affordable, dependable home insurance. Contact us, today.

What Car Insurance Coverage is Most Important?

Small Red Bug Car

Whether you’re a first-time driver shopping for your first auto insurance policy, or you’re just looking to revamp your existing auto insurance policy, knowing your options is a crucial part of the process.

Here is a list of the types of coverage available to you in order of importance, from most to least important. Keep in mind that some of the lesser-important types of coverage may still be necessary for you based on your circumstance.

1.    Liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage

The most important coverage is, without a doubt, liability and property damage coverage. In fact, a minimum amount of this coverage is mandated in Nevada, and other states have their minimum requirements as well. Without proper liability and property damage coverage, you are not even legally allowed to drive.


Nevada is a 15/30/10 state. This means that you are required to carry at least $15,000 in liability coverage for bodily injury or death for one person, $30,000 for two or more people, and $10,000 for damage to property.


If you are caught driving without proper insurance, you face a hefty fine and possibly having your driver’s license revoked. Before anything else, make sure you have proper liability coverage.

2.    Uninsured/Underinsured motorist

If you are involved in an accident and the other driver does not have insurance or adequate coverage, you will be very grateful to have this uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) coverage.  If this seems unnecessary, you’d be surprised to find out that more than a quarter of drivers do not have adequate insurance. That puts you at great risk if you are in an accident that was not your fault, and you’re still stuck with medical and auto repair bills, lost wages, etc.

3.    Comprehensive

Comprehensive coverage is for anything non-collision related. Think floods and natural disasters, theft, run-ins with deer or livestock, weather-related damage, etc. If you live in an area especially prone to extreme weather or in an area with a high crime rate, comprehensive may be a good idea.

4.    Collision

If you are involved in a collision with another car of object, collision coverage will cover damages to your car above your deductible. This coverage may be important for someone with a luxury car or a car that would require expensive repairs that you would otherwise not be able to afford. Those with older cars or less-expensive cars may decline this coverage if repairs can afford to be paid out-of-pocket.

5.    Emergency Roadside Service

This coverage is probably the least important but can still play an important role in your coverage. If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, particularly in an unfamiliar or rural area, this coverage could be significant. Whether you run out of gas, have a flat tire, or a mechanical breakdown, roadside assistance will send a tow truck or roadside assistance vehicle to your rescue. Your insurance company will often pay the towing company directly as well, eliminating the extra stress from your mind.

To find out more about auto insurance in Reno and what coverage options are available to you, talk to the insurance professionals at Heuer Insurance today!

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February Newsletter

Well it sure feels like Springtime in our area to say the least!  El Nino has taken back a lot of what she brought, so come on back El Nino….we LOVE you!  Speaking of Spring, most of us that live in the Northern part of the State know that these 70 degree days can be fleeting, and therefore you need to take caution and NOT turn those sprinklers back on yet!  It sounds like a great way to welcome Spring, and the Dove nesting outside my window thinks it is, but this thought process can be costly for you.  Turning on a sprinkler system too early is kind of like dancing with fire….you never know when you’re gonna get burnt!  You can always hand water but, as the Native’s say,  best not to turn on that automatic sprinkler system until the snow is off Peavine …

Did you all get your recent hard copy newsletter the agency mailed you a few weeks ago??  It was another attempt on our part to reach out to as many of our loyal clients as we can, and this time, we asked for some feedback, whether you like it paper form or not.  We even tried to make it fun by asking you for your candid feedback, and if you replied, we would enter you into a drawing for a $25 VISA card just for taking your time to respond.   Here’s an interesting fact, we sent out over 1200 newsletters, and we only heard from 8 of you! This is a fun way of advising you that our experiment with killing a tree or two and sending paper newsletters is over!  HIA cares about the environment and from now on, all of our marketing attempts will be on-line. THANK YOU to the folks that did respond and congratulations goes out to Andrea O, who was the winner of our drawing.

Speaking of drawings, we are a couple months behind announcing our monthly referral winners. Congratulations to Lena M and Brian P!

cheryl 1cheryl 2

Heuer Insurance really cares about our community and we honestly try to do the right thing, and give back.  Rotary has long been a favorite organization for Heuer Insurance due to the wide and varied ways the organization helps the underprivileged.  I wrote about this last year, when Adam Heuer was the Reno South Rotary President, and this year, we are expanding that help to Rotary and have pledged to expend another $500 and become a Silver Sponsor of the Achievement Beyond Obstacles Program (formerly known as the Most Improved Student Program)!  We envision this being an annual donation and we can only make this contribution because of loyal clients like all of you!  If any of you would like more information about the program or would like to get involved, reach out to Adam Heuer or visit their website:

And finally, I love the idea of highlighting one of our staff each month, and this month I would like to introduce a real rock star in our Personal Lines Department.  Cheryl Ulma has been with Heuer Insurance Agency for 18 years!!  I know her clients already know and love her, but for the rest of you,  just a little about her:  Cheryl is married to an awesome guy named Todd and they have 2 schnauzers that love to walk with Mom and Dad around Redhawk Golf Course.  If you see her around, roll the window down and give her a “HI CHERYL, I JUST READ ABOUT YOU!”  It’s bound to make her day.

cheryl 3

Thanks once again and always for all the years of loyalty you and your family have shown this family run business.