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February Newsletter

Well it sure feels like Springtime in our area to say the least!  El Nino has taken back a lot of what she brought, so come on back El Nino….we LOVE you!  Speaking of Spring, most of us that live in the Northern part of the State know that these 70 degree days can be fleeting, and therefore you need to take caution and NOT turn those sprinklers back on yet!  It sounds like a great way to welcome Spring, and the Dove nesting outside my window thinks it is, but this thought process can be costly for you.  Turning on a sprinkler system too early is kind of like dancing with fire….you never know when you’re gonna get burnt!  You can always hand water but, as the Native’s say,  best not to turn on that automatic sprinkler system until the snow is off Peavine …

Did you all get your recent hard copy newsletter the agency mailed you a few weeks ago??  It was another attempt on our part to reach out to as many of our loyal clients as we can, and this time, we asked for some feedback, whether you like it paper form or not.  We even tried to make it fun by asking you for your candid feedback, and if you replied, we would enter you into a drawing for a $25 VISA card just for taking your time to respond.   Here’s an interesting fact, we sent out over 1200 newsletters, and we only heard from 8 of you! This is a fun way of advising you that our experiment with killing a tree or two and sending paper newsletters is over!  HIA cares about the environment and from now on, all of our marketing attempts will be on-line. THANK YOU to the folks that did respond and congratulations goes out to Andrea O, who was the winner of our drawing.

Speaking of drawings, we are a couple months behind announcing our monthly referral winners. Congratulations to Lena M and Brian P!

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Heuer Insurance really cares about our community and we honestly try to do the right thing, and give back.  Rotary has long been a favorite organization for Heuer Insurance due to the wide and varied ways the organization helps the underprivileged.  I wrote about this last year, when Adam Heuer was the Reno South Rotary President, and this year, we are expanding that help to Rotary and have pledged to expend another $500 and become a Silver Sponsor of the Achievement Beyond Obstacles Program (formerly known as the Most Improved Student Program)!  We envision this being an annual donation and we can only make this contribution because of loyal clients like all of you!  If any of you would like more information about the program or would like to get involved, reach out to Adam Heuer or visit their website: http://achievementbeyondobstacles.com/

And finally, I love the idea of highlighting one of our staff each month, and this month I would like to introduce a real rock star in our Personal Lines Department.  Cheryl Ulma has been with Heuer Insurance Agency for 18 years!!  I know her clients already know and love her, but for the rest of you,  just a little about her:  Cheryl is married to an awesome guy named Todd and they have 2 schnauzers that love to walk with Mom and Dad around Redhawk Golf Course.  If you see her around, roll the window down and give her a “HI CHERYL, I JUST READ ABOUT YOU!”  It’s bound to make her day.

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Thanks once again and always for all the years of loyalty you and your family have shown this family run business.