Look before you back up!

This month we will be talking a little more about claims, but this time, we are going to talk about car insurance claims. I regularly attend social events and other networking events and am commonly asked; what is the most common type of claim you see? I thought about it for awhile, and if it isn’t the dreaded water losses we have been discussing the last few months, it has to be the seemingly endless amount of BACKING UP claims! We are so fortunate that in today’s day and age most new vehicles come with back up cameras, because making cars for 100 years WITHOUT back up cameras, has led to thousands of parking lot accidents. These are one of the easiest claims to prevent, yet, I bet we see at least 5 of these per week and that’s just at Heuer Insurance! PLEASE, as the old saying goes, look left, right and left again…. maybe even twice. Another reminder, always check your rear view mirror too! Let’s all do what we can to stop these accidents; it will save us all in the end. All good words of advice from a grateful bunch of Insurance Agents!

So… what else is Heuer Insurance Agency doing? Gina and Adam recently staffed a beer booth at the Reno Rodeo doing their part to give back.

Tips for Charity

As we often mention, we are supporters of many not-for-profits, specifically Rotary, and this was another fundraiser where all tips went towards the Achievement Beyond Obstacles Scholarship Program. The offer is always out there, if you too would like to get involved and give back to your community please let us know, we are always looking for help. Or, if you support a cause and are looking for some support let us know that too… we may be interested in helping!
Last but certainly not least, congratulations to Ashleigh Martinez on winning our July referral contest!! Ashleigh hasn’t yet come to pick up her gift card but when she does we will be sure to post her picture.
Thanks for reading and above all, thanks for your business.

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