Heuer Insurance Appreciates Our Veterans and Service Members!

Happy Holidays to the readers and clients of Heuer Insurance Agency!  The Staff at HIA LOVE our Veteran’s, and as such, we will be closing on Veteran’s Day to allow our staff to do volunteer work, go to the Veteran’s Day parade or any other patriotic way they want to spend the day!  THANK YOU VETERAN’S, we can’t say it enough.

Heuer Insurance also wanted to let you know that we are once again helping the Food Bank of Northern Nevada and we have a canister in our office, if you would like to donate canned goods please stop by with your donation.  We will also be collecting new or slightly used winter jackets and gloves for the less fortunate in our area.  Please give, it makes you smile and your heart sing……..our thanks in advance.

And finally, the team at Heuer Insurance LOVES our local Reno and Sparks Police Officers, Sheriffs Deputies and Highway Patrolmen and Women!   Do you want to spend 5 minutes and really make yourself feel good??  Tell a person in uniform how much you appreciate what they are doing on the streets to protect you and your family!  If they smile back, give em’ a hug….it feels awesome!  My Son Adam and I were in line for sandwiches in Lovelock, Nevada last month and we bought the local Highway Patrolman in line in front of us his lunch and thanked him for being there for us!  You should have seen his face light up!  Better than that….you should have seen OUR faces light up!  Good karma works…we both filled our deer tags!

Thanks for all your loyalty and business, and God Bless America each and every day!

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