Special Retirement Announcement from Heuer Insurance!

Happy New Year from your friends at Heuer Insurance Agency!  This time of year is always exciting, often with new beginnings, like the welcoming of our newest grandchild, Marshall Curtis Heuer, and floods of memories from the past.

At this year end, I would like to announce what might be the most exciting news I have ever brought you, the readers of my blogs. After 43 years of working, owning, and running Heuer Insurance Agency, I am pleased to announce that my wife Starla and I have made the decision to retire!  We have been thinking about this change in our lives for several years, and the time is perfect!   We have sold the agency to our Son, Adam Heuer, who is currently the Vice President of the Agency.    Adam has done a remarkable job in understanding the ins and out of running an independent insurance agency.  The good news for our clients, is that due to the internal nature of this sale, ALL CURRENT STAFF MEMBERS will remain on staff!  Adam has been here for 13 years now, and has a firm grasp of the day to day dealings with staff, customers and our Insurance Company partners.  We are confident Adam will continue the Heuer tradition of professionalism while dealing in a very difficult insurance industry. During a staff meeting last week, Adam was  formally promoted to the Presidential position of Heuer Insurance Agency and will begin that role starting January 2017.  It’s important to note the gavel  used in the ceremony was a gavel from Adam’s GREAT Grandfather, Clarence Heuer.    The gavel was used when Clarence served as the National Director of the Independent Insurance Agents of America, during the 50’s.  Therefore,  it was quite an auspicious occasion and Starla and I couldn’t be happier or prouder of Adam!   Below is a picture of Clarence hard at work back in the 1930’s.


My wife Starla and I are excited to spend more time with our family, fishing, an incredible amount, golfing , making not one, but TWO hole in ones each,  and camping at Tahoe Timber Trails outside of Truckee, California.  With the addition of Adam’s first child, Marshall Curtis Heuer, we will have 6 grandkids, all living within a mile from us, so you know how much we will enjoy all that special time. THANK YOU one and all, for the many, many years of friendship, good business and loyalty, as well as all the fun times had during those 43 years.  I would like to point out a fun fact, I still have the very first client I ever sold a policy to 43 years ago, Dick and Jan Boykin of Boykin Electronics of Reno Nevada.  Thank you Chief Boykin and Jan, I’ll never forget you guys!  Again thank you one and all , please take care and I hope you’ll show Adam the same loyalty and consideration you have always shown Starla and I over the past 43 years!

3 heuerresized 2.jpg

And a very late addition to this month’s blog…..our oldest daughter Jillian Heuer was just voted the 2016 Outstanding Member of the Year for her service on the Board of Directors of the Women’s Council of Realtors!  Way to go Jillian….we are all soooo proud of you!

Wishing you and your family, an AWESOME 2017, and thank you again for all the good times. 

God Bless America,  Larry and Starla Heuer